The Red Book Ritual (2022)

A paranormal game from Mexico called The Red Book allows you to communicate with ghosts. It has a Ouija board-like quality. You’ll need an old book with a red cover and no pictures on it to play this game. Only red candles should be lit in the space, with the lights turned off.

The ritual is initiated by asking Red Book, “Can I join your game?” Your questions will all be answered in the book. But what if your host is a malicious being that craves human blood?

The Red Book Game is chosen by three friends. They are unaware that evil is awaiting release in the house. A witch perished long ago in a satanic ritual. They get closer to her with each inquiry they make. Watch more Goojara Horror free movies online for streaming.

The Red Book Ritual Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: The Red Book Ritual (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Directors: Chris Beyrooty, Dean Law, Ariel Luque
Writer: Ariel Luque, Daniel J. Phillips
Stars: Valeria San Martin, Agustin Olcese, Marlene Pedersen Chauviere