I Came By (2022)

Toby (George MacKay) and Jay (Percelle Ascott), two young people who are committed to breaking into the homes of wealthy and powerful people, exposing them, and leaving a graffiti with their identity seal: “I came by,” are introduced in the opening scene of I Was Passing By Here. When Jay decides to retire, trouble ensues because Toby pushes through with the latest heist and ends up breaking into the home of Sir Hector Blake, a retired judge. Toby witnesses something unexpected and horrifying inside that house.

Pass by Here starts off by making a claim about the impunity of powerful people and how they use their position to exempt themselves from the law. a circumstance that could truly terrorise someone in a precarious social position. Watch more Lookmovie online free movies for streaming.

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Title: I Came By (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Directors: Babak Anvari
Writer: Babak Anvari, Namsi Khan
Stars: Antonio Aakeel, Alicia Ambrose-Bayly, Percelle Ascott