The Witch: Part 2 The Other One (2022)

The Witch 2: The Other, billed as a South Korean secret activity blood and gore film, is a sequel to 2018’s The Witch: Subversion, both of which study an alternate take on the premise of children being genetically engineered to be weapons.

The Other, like the first film, is composed and directed by Park Hoon-jung (essayist and director of The Tiger and New World, screenwriter of I Saw the Devil) and explores a world where child weapons are required for a highly classified programme known as the Witch Program.

Subjects who complete the procedure are given extraordinary strength, super speed, supernatural abilities, a recovering factor, and the inability to die unless shot in the head.

Kim Da-mi starred in Subversion as Koo Ja-yoon, a young lady who escaped from one such workplace to a ranch where she was reared by her loving guardians.

Ja-past yoon’s comes flooding back once she discovers her remarkable ability during a nearby singing competition, and a gathering of four strong Witches are dispatched to recover her. Watch more Soap2Day Movies Free online streaming within a click.

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Title: The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Mystery
Directors: Park Hoon-jung
Writer: Park Hoon-jung
Stars: Cynthia, Min-soo Jo, Kim Da-Mi