Infinite (2021)

Watch Infinite 2021 Movie full HD free for streaming online on goojara website in HD 720p cinema quality without any membership. Infinite (2021) is the new science fiction and action film by Antoine Fuqua, in which it presents a confrontation between two factions of men who have the ability to reincarnate. With Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejoifor.

Evan is a man who, apparently, suffers from schizophrenia and suffers from worldly problems: he does not have a job, he is about to run out of money and therefore his ability to pay his rent is compromised. Evan is arrested after a deal with a drug dealer that gets complicated, from whom he hoped to obtain the drugs so that hallucinations do not take over his life.

At the police station where he is handcuffed, he is visited by Bathurst (Chiwetel Ejoifor), who begins the character’s awakening by telling him that they know about the Punic wars, the French Revolution and various other historical events. When the characters begin to understand each other, Evan is rescued by a woman who drives an armored car that breaks one of the walls of the police station to enter where the protagonist is locked up. That’s how drastic, or clumsy, are the actions in a movie that advances to blows. Watch more Goojara Sci-Fi Movies free online for streaming in HD quality.

Movie Overview

Title: Infinite (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directors: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Ian Shorr, Todd Stein
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson