Wish Dragon (2021)

Watch Wish Dragon 2021 Movie free online on goojara site in full HD 1080p quality for streaming within a click. The story of Din and the Dragon Genius is very simple, without much invention, it’s about a lonely boy who sees his best friend go live a life full of refinements far from the village they grew up with a promise to never forget, and he sees the chance to be close to her again by finding a dragon that can grant her 3 wishes. The film ends up being a modern and oriental montage by Aladdin focused on friendship and simple origins, where riches do not bring happiness.

Din ( Jimmy Wong ) is studious, respects the family and loves his origins, but far from Li Na he can’t think very well, his focus is to find her again, but she’s already far from it all after 10 years and living off his fame and his father’s money. The encounter with the Dragon Long only makes him think about being close to her, and his desires are spent in this relentless quest to be accepted and remembered.

While Long wants to be used quickly to get rid of his teapot, Din wants to think hard about what to do, but they are running out of time as a man wants the pot at any cost to satisfy his own desires. The henchmen are all the time on Din’s feet, which are deliciously cliché, with the clever of few words, the big fluffy in love with animals, and the short one with exaggerated attitudes, but always falling because of his stature, they bring a twist to let us know their boss who wasn’t all that surprised, and his motivation was quickly explained. Watch more Goojara Animation Movies free online for streaming without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: Wish Dragon (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Directors: Chris Appelhans
Writer: Chris Appelhans, Xiaocao Liu
Stars: Constance Wu, John Cho, Will Yun Lee