Warhorse One (2023)

In the midst of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, a group of missionaries is in need of rescue. However, a SEAL team sent on the mission faces a devastating setback when their helicopter is shot down by insurgents. Master Chief Richard Mirko, the lone survivor, emerges from the wreckage and sets out on a mission to find the missionaries. He discovers an ambush at their vehicle and realizes that only a traumatized 5-year-old child has survived. Mirko takes on the responsibility of guiding the child through a dangerous path filled with hostile insurgents, all while trying to survive the harsh Afghan wilderness. Watch more Flixtor Movies free online for streaming without any cost.

Warhorse One Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Warhorse One (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Drama, War
Director: Johnny Strong
Writer: Johnny Strong
Stars: Johnny Strong, Athena Durner, Raj Kala