The Toll (2021)

Watch The Toll 2021 Movie free online streaming in full HD cinema quality on goojara website with super fast buffering speed. A girl comes to Minesotta to visit her father. A private transport driver picks her up at the airport and they set out on a somewhat long trip as the father lives in the middle of nowhere. Before long, the driver’s strange comments make her feel unsafe and the car breaking down in the middle of the woods doesn’t help. They will soon realize that they have entered The Toll Man’s realm and to get out of it they will have to pay a heavy price.

Let’s go first with the positives, the length of the movie is really short and certainly a lot happens, so The Tollit is saved from burning by having a fast and fun rhythm, it should also be noted that in such a short time it is possible to delve into the personality and background of the two main characters, something that does not usually happen in films of this style. If we go to the negative, there are a few more points, the biggest mistake for me is the cowardice with which the film ends, there is a quite surprising and satisfactory ending that would have made the general evaluation rise a lot, but in an attack of cowardice and a plot twist more than bland. Watch more Goojara Horror Movies Free online full HD quality without any cost.

Movie Overview

Title: The Toll (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Directors: Michael Nader
Writer: Michael Nader
Stars: Jordan Hayes, Max Topplin, James McGowan

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