The Tinder Swindler (2022)

Watch The Tinder Swindler 2022 Movie online streaming free in full HD video quality on goojara site without any app. The film story follows a part of the real life events where a miscreant is ceaselessly looking for young women online on the Tinder dating application. The individual has amazing techniques and he is including them in the affectation of a big shot’s kid. In actuality he plays out his task with his fascination that makes the causalities to happen in extravagance like god.

Tinder is a disaster of the cinema of reality where everything rings false. Like scammed young women who inspire no empathy, the first production of producer Felicity Morris inspires no sympathy. She delights in fake reconstructions and chic images for spectators in need of fairy tales and digital revenge. Moreover, one can easily wonder how the Israeli crook with a digital profile as flashy as it is pathetic could have attracted so much.

Unfortunately, far from being a reflection on its time, this superficial program poses no real questions, preferring narrative ease to psychological questioning. The program is therefore reserved for Instagrammers who have an easy swipe. At least, during such a program, it will be difficult for them to do otherwise. Watch more Goojara 2022 Movies online free for streaming here.

Movie Overview

Title: The Tinder Swindler (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Documentary, Crime
Directors: Felicity Morris
Writer: Felicity Morris
Stars: Kristoffer Kumar