The Many Saints of Newark (2021)

Watch The Many Saints of Newark 2021 Movie free goojara online streaming in full HD cinema video quality without any membership. A gangster story told not so much from the crimes themselves, but from the personal lives of the main characters. With a Tony Soprano child and later adolescent who is like Michael Corleone at the beginning of The Godfather , that is to say outside the dark side of his family. A war for power that grows little by little and the origin of the characters that all the followers of the series know. The real protagonist may be Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) Tony’s favorite uncle, a character full of conflicts, a criminal who drags his guilt and fluctuates between the need for generous actors and the worst crimes. This great character gives us several memorable scenes. Ray Liotta, on the other hand, has a surprise in his participation in the film that is also brilliant.

More sophisticated than a chapter in a television series, but not classy either. The social notes with the uprising of the African Americans and the looting in the city may take it out of the traditional gangster stories, but they do not necessarily make it more interesting. The best thing about the movie are the gangsters, without a doubt. David Chase seems to tell us that there is material here for at least one full season of young Tony Soprano and his rise to power. As a color data, the teenage Tony is played by Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini, the Tony Soprano of the series. Watch more free Goojara Crime Movies streaming online in HD quality.

Movie Overview

Title: The Many Saints of Newark (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Crime, Drama
Directors: Alan Taylor
Writer: David Chase, Lawrence Konner
Stars: Alessandro Nivola, Leslie Odom Jr., Jon Bernthal