The Jack in the Box: Awakening (2022)

Watch The Jack in the Box: Awakening 2022 Movie Goojara free online streaming in HD print. When doctors tell her she has only a short time to live because of advanced bone cancer, old Olga Marsdale (Nicola Wright) resorts to desperate means. After some effort the wealthy lady is able to get hold of an old-fashioned jack-in-the-box devil. Which is the subject of a legend that promises to cure her deadly disease: Whoever sacrifices six innocent souls to this Jack in the Box is granted one wish.

In fact, the metal box houses an out-of-this-world demon in the guise of a clown who takes on a frightening life of his own once the box is opened. Her son Edgar (Matt McClure), who is supposed to help her with the execution, is initially reluctant to lure the right candidates for the creature to their country estate. But in the end he would do anything to help her and finally seems to enjoy handing over helpless people to the monster. Watch more streamcr free movies online for streaming within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: The Jack in the Box: Awakening (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Directors: Lawrence Fowler
Writer: Lawrence Fowler
Stars: Matt McClure, James Swanton, Mollie Hindle