The Exorcism of God (2022)

Watch The Exorcism of God 2022 Movie streaming free online on goojara website in full HD print without any cost. Peter Williams is a priest specializing in exorcisms, who works in Mexico. When he tries to cast out a dangerous demon, he ends up being possessed by the evil force. In a desperate and impulsive gesture, he performs an act against the divine laws. However, sin will have consequences: eighteen years later, demons return to torment him.

The Exorcism of God stays in no man’s land. Its lack of originality goes against it, highlighting, yes, some scares that make you jump out of your seat not because of the fear they cause, but because of the high volume of the music and the sound effects that accompany them. Behind all this a very weak story that goes round and round about the same thing. Father Peter Williams is possessed by the very demon he was trying to expel, committing a sacrilege that, eighteen years later, he will come back to haunt. Watch more Goojara Horror films free unlimited streaming without any app.

Movie Overview

Title: The Exorcism of God (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror
Directors: Alejandro Hidalgo
Writer: Santiago Fernández Calvete, Alejandro Hidalgo
Stars: María Gabriela de Faría, Joseph Marcell, Will Beinbrink