The Djinn (2021)

Watch The Djinn 2021 Movie streaming free online in full HD cinema quality on goojara website without any membership. As the greater part of us heard on many occasions as we grew up, the familiar saying of “be cautious what you wish for” was bored into us. It draws pictures of genies and Monkey’s Paws, where all that you need can be betrayed you, stripping away what you need to get something you “think” you need. This is the center of The Djinn, taking the deep rooted idea, and making it something shocking with brilliant plan decisions and a genuinely harsh story that will leave crowds feeling for the injury the characters on screen endured.

Twelve year old Dylan Jacobs (Ezra Dewey) and his single parent Michael (Rob Brownstein) have recently moved into another condo. As the family attempts to recuperate from the grievous loss of Dylan’s mom, they are attempting to make another life and track down another similarity to routineness. Set in 1989, Michael fills in as a night DJ at a neighborhood radio broadcast, and as such Dylan gets himself left alone the entire night as his father works. During the time spent tidying up and setting up the new space, Dylan tracks down an old Book of Shadows that gives the insider facts of a custom that guarantees anything their heart wants. There is one issue, the wish accompanies rules and a catch, with disappointment bringing about the Djinn taking their spirit. Watch more Goojara Horror Movies online streaming free in HD rip.

Movie Overview

Title: The Djinn (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Directors: David Charbonier, Justin Powell
Writer: David Charbonier, Justin Powell
Stars: Ezra Dewey, Rob Brownstein, Tevy Poe