The Clearing (2023)

In this story, a woman gets caught in a very difficult situation that reminds her of her past fears and hurts. She goes on a dangerous journey and meets a secret group with mysterious plans. As she uncovers their evil plot, she feels responsible and decides to take strong action to stop them. With bravery and determination, she faces her worst fears and deals with difficult challenges along the way. She is determined to stop the group from harming innocent children who are trapped by them and protect them from danger. Watch more Afdah TV series free HD online streaming within a click.

The Clearing TV Series Online Free Streaming

Title: The Clearing (2023) – Season 01
Genres: 2023 TV Series | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Matt Cameron, Elise McCredie
Stars: Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Erroll Shand