Snack Shack (2024)

In the heart of Nebraska City, 1991, two inseparable friends, Lily and Jack, seize the opportunity to manage the swimming pool snack shack for the summer. Amidst the sizzling heat and the aroma of fries, their bond strengthens as they navigate the challenges of running a bustling concession stand. As the days unfold, the snack shack becomes a haven for unexpected adventures, laughter, and budding romance. Amidst the sound of splashing water and giggles, Lily and Jack discover more about themselves, their aspirations, and the depth of their connection, making it a summer they’ll never forget. Follow Bflix gg for more.

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Title: Snack Shack (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy
Director: Adam Rehmeier
Writer: Adam Rehmeier
Stars: Conor Sherry, Gabriel LaBelle, Mika Abdalla