Jikirag (2022)

One of the strangest subgenres of horror is folk horror. The films in this category can cover a wide range of moods and tones, which makes it challenging to categorize them. To give you the impression that this is a folk horror movie, you simply need to include paganism or at least some form of religious dread in the plot. You can only feel it. The most recent movie that attempts to fit under that description, Jikirag, falls short of producing genuine horror.

The discussion of folk horror is quite fascinating. The genre has experienced periods of rest and revival since its inception in the 1960s. Robert Eggers’ writings, particularly The Witch, have recently brought the genre back into the public’s consciousness. Many incredible movies that have been largely forgotten but still have their unique qualities have been rediscovered by new fans. There are many aspects of folk horror that set it apart from other subgenres. Watch more Myflixer Movies full free online without any buffering.

Jikirag Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Jikirag (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Directors: Alexander J. Baxter
Writer: Jay Martens, Alexander J. Baxter
Stars: Tracey Roath, Alexander J. Baxter, Roy Campsall