Gaia (2021)

Watch Gaia 2021 Movie online streaming full free in HD 720p quality without any registration or cost. A beginning that films the forest in bird’s eye, moving slowly, approaching the earth as if it wanted to integrate into it. Superb correspondence with the title of the film, Gaia , Greek word, Gaia , which in ancient Greece represents the divinity of the Earth. Because she is the main subject of the film. In fact, let’s be more precise, it is not the Earth, as a whole, but the forest, a lost place, far from civilian life, which seems to harbor unknown forces that have no relation to reality.

But a relation with the scenario of Tertius Kapp; an insane writing probably inspired by a major questioning of existence and our civilization. For the setting in scene, a scenario writer whose enthusiasm in the act of turning is a second, not to say, a first nature. Whatever the story, undoubtedly taken by the amount of horror and horror films he has seen in his life. Create a universe, submit it to a vision of the world that goes beyond our sensitivity and above all count on a brilliant director of photography, Jorrie van der Walt. Here, maintaining a relationship with the natural space, a kind of incestuous relationship, as if the camera caressed all the hidden corners of this terrestrial multitude in the service, precisely, of the Greek goddess, to whom one of the characters in the film will refer.

There is a ranger, to say too much, and two characters lost in the forest, a man and his son, who worship this deity who never shows up, but acts on people, transforming them into something indefinable, the human body, but the skin replaced by what the Earth creates in its wild state. And those struck by this new humanity are blind. Nice strategy so that the possible victims of this apocalyptic story can escape it. Watch more Goojara Horror Movies unlimited full online within a click.

Movie Overview

Title: Gaia (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Directors: Jaco Bouwer
Writer: Tertius Kapp
Stars: Monique Rockman, Carel Nel, Alex van Dyk