G-Loc (2020)

Watch G-Loc 2020 full free movie streaming online on Goojara. Download complete G Loc movie in 720p HD cinema quality without any registration. The film is set later on. The earth turned out to be basically appalling after the start of the following ice age. The circumstance could have become sad if a gateway had not opened close to our planet, which lead to the planet Reye, reasonable for people. The primary gathering of individuals goes there, rapidly settling in another spot and making a unimaginable innovative forward leap. At that point, rather than sparing the remainder of humankind, they close the gateway with the goal that nobody else can get to the wonderful Reya. The primary character of the film, Bran Marshall, is one of a few million edgy evacuees attempting to advance toward a sparing new Earth.

Movie Overview

Title: G-Loc (2020)
Genres: 2020 Movies | Sci-Fi
Quality: HD
Directors: Tom Paton
Writer: Tom Paton
Stars: Stephen Moyer, Tala Gouveia, Casper Van Dien

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