For Love & Honey (2024)

Eva, a dedicated beekeeper, stumbles upon an ancient fresco hidden within the walls of an old Maltese building while attempting to rescue a hive of bees. Intrigued by her discovery, she carefully examines the artwork, realizing its potential historical significance. Around the same time, Austen, an archeologist visiting Malta for his research, hears about Eva’s find and recognizes its importance to his work. He is convinced that this fresco could provide crucial insights into the island’s ancient history and its connection to various Mediterranean civilizations. Determined to explore the fresco further, Austen approaches Eva, eager to persuade her to assist him in unraveling the mystery it holds. Follow Goojara Movies for more.

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Title: For Love & Honey (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Romance, Drama
Director: Kevin Fair
Writer: Caitlin D. Fryers, Michelle Ricci
Stars: Andrew W. Walker, Margaret Clunie, Amanda Vilanova