Fair Play (2023)

A young couple’s relationship faces its greatest challenge when an unexpected promotion at a competitive hedge fund pushes them to the brink. Their engagement, already under strain, now teeters on the edge. This gripping narrative explores the price of success in a high-stakes financial world. As they navigate the demands of their careers and the growing distance between them, they risk not only their engagement but their entire relationship. With a future hanging in the balance, they must confront the sacrifices they are willing to make and the compromises they can no longer avoid. This story delves into the harsh realities of ambition, love, and personal choices in a cutthroat professional environment. It’s a journey that will test the limits of their commitment and leave them with decisions that could alter the course of their lives. Follow Goojara for more.

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Title: Fair Play (2023)
Genres: 2023 Movies | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Chloe Domont
Writer: Chloe Domont
Stars: Phoebe Dynevor, Alden Ehrenreich, Eddie Marsan