Crimes of the Future (2022)

Watch Crimes of the Future 2022 Goojara Movie Free online for streaming in full HD quality without any membership. There’s no doubt: Future Crimes is a pure David Cronenberg movie. Following a strange opening where a young boy greedily eats a plastic trash can, the filmmaker continues in the oddity by introducing the character of Viggo Mortensen , being manipulated by a machine whose interior penetrates several membranes. of his body.

The comedian plays Saul Tenser, a man who suffers from continually growing tumors . With his partner Caprice, he decided to use his pain for performance art . Before she removes these new organs, she tattoos them during public performances.

Around the duo gravitate many individuals with morally opposed views on the use of bodies. Opinions that allow the director to deal with fascinating subjects, such as the adaptation of human beings to an environment in decay and whose resources have been exhausted.

In the feature film, surgery is also seen as the new sexuality. These themes are reminiscent of David Cronenberg’s seminal works such as Crash , Le Festin nu or La Mouche , but unfortunately he does not manage to transcend them. Watch more Musichq movies free online streaming here.

Crimes of the Future Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Crimes of the Future (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directors: David Cronenberg
Writer: David Cronenberg
Stars: Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Viggo Mortensen