Black Wood (2022)

This is a two-faced film. Just like the film that attempts to copy it. Because, let us be honest, In the end, this is little more than a low-budget remake of “Predator,” this time set in the wild west. It may still sound entertaining, but the film’s lack of quality makes it one to avoid.

The opening act of the film fails miserably due of its disarray. Several narratives appear to interweave, and after it is evident what is going on and who, who is, the film chooses to jettison all of its storylines and go for something entirely new.

Needless to say, the introduction of his characters is also a shambles. The film doesn’t make it obvious who is on the bad side and who is on the good side. Perhaps this was done on purpose, but in any event, it is unpleasant and unnecessary. Watch more Myflixer online movies for streaming here.

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Title: Black Wood (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror, Western
Directors: Chris Canfield
Writer: Chris Canfield
Stars: Bates Wilder, Stelio Savante, Glenn Morshower