Another Round (2020)

Watch Another Round 2020 Goojara movie streaming full online free for streaming in HD 720p quality without any vip account. According to a Norwegian psychologist, the human being would have from birth an alcohol deficit of 0.5g in the blood. Four friends who specialize in teaching decide to put this theory into practice, with the hope that their lives will become more fulfilling. Except that the situation quickly gets out of hand after initial results, which are nevertheless very encouraging.

Those who remember the legendary meeting in New York in 1995 between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin – during which the visibly round Russian president caused a huge giggle live from the American president – know how much the laughter under substance can sometimes loosen the most sensitive subjects. Based on a theory developed by a Norwegian psychologist about the supposed alcohol deficit in humans at birth, ” Drunk”attempts to put this theory into practice, in order to verify its supposed benefits and identify its side effects. Not so surprising as that to find Thomas Vinterberg at the helm of this bittersweet comedy: the theme of disinhibition has more than once nourished its filmography, certainly not always with subtlety – it suffices to review the illegible staging of ” Festen ” and the old-fashioned classicism of ” The Community”.

This new feature film – one of his most successful – changes the game by treating a crazy idea in the first degree and letting it flow naturally in everything that characterizes societal development (school, family, relational in the broad sense), and this without ever trying to derive from it a point of view oriented and exclusive in one direction or the other.Tautological point of view on the harmful effects of alcoholism with characters who would not have not invented lukewarm water, then, but rather a great film about letting go that applies its own subject to itself. Watch more Goojara Comedy films online for streaming in HD quality here.

Movie Overview

Title: Another Round (2020)
Genres: 2020 Movies | Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Thomas Vinterberg
Writer: Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm
Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang

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